Update Date:2019-04-26

Engineering high reversibility and fast kinetics of Bi nanoflakes by surface modulation for ultrastable nickel–bismuth batteries

Update Date:2019-08-16

Phase-modulated 3D-hierarchical 1T/2H WSe2 nanoscrews by a plasma-assisted selenization process as high performance NO gas sensors with a ppb-level detection limit

Update Date:2019-06-25

3D CoMoSe4 Nanosheet Arrays Converted Directly from Hydrothermally Processed CoMoO4 Nanosheet Arrays by Plasma- Assisted Selenization Process Toward Excellent Anode Material in Sodium- Ion Battery

Update Date:2019-08-01

Controlled Multichannel Surface Plasmon Polaritons Transmission on Atomic Smooth Silver Triangular Waveguide

Update Date:2019-08-12

Resistive switching performance improvement of amorphous carbon-based electrochemical metallization memory via current stressing

Update Date:2019-09-30

Revealing the Cooperative Relationship between Spin, Energy, and Polarization Parameters toward Developing High-Efficiency Exciplex Light-Emitting Diodes

Update Date:2019-06-08

Reconciling the value of Schottky barriers in small molecular organic photovoltaics from J-V and C-V measurements at low temperatures towards the estimation of open circuit voltage at 0 K

Update Date:2019-02-04

ACS New D−A−A-Configured Small-Molecule Donors for High-Efficiency Vacuum-Processed Organic Photovoltaics under Ambient Light

Update Date:2019-06-05

ACS High-Efficiency Red and Near-Infrared Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Enabled by Pure Organic Fluorescent Emitters and an Exciplex-Forming Cohost

Update Date:2019-03-12

Tuning a Binary Ferromagnet into a Multistate Synapse with Spin-Orbit-Torque-Induced Plasticity