Update Date:2021-01-19

Directional Construction of Vertical Nitrogen doped 1T-2H MoSe2_Graphene Shell_Core Nanoflake Arrays for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Update Date:2021-01-19

Co3O4@Co Nanoparticles Embedded Porous N-Rich Carbon Matrix for Efficient Oxygen Reduction

Update Date:2021-01-19

Phase-Engineered Type-II Multimetal每Selenide Heterostructures toward Low-Power Consumption, Flexible,Transparent, and Wide-Spectrum Photoresponse Photodetectors

Update Date:2021-01-19

Phase-engineered SnSex toward SnSe2SnSe heterostructure with improved thermal conductance by a low-temperature plasma-assisted chemical vapor reaction

Update Date:2021-01-19

Sp2-clustering induced improvement of resistive switching uniformity in Cu_amorphous carbon_Pt electrochemical metallization memory

Update Date:2017-09-05

Improved resistive switching reliability by using dual-layer nanoporous carbon structure

Update Date:2017-06-05

Flexible, transferable and conformal egg albumen based resistive switching memory devices

Update Date:2017-10-29

Highly efficient exciplex organic light-emitting devices employing a sputtered indium-tin oxide electrode with nano-pinhole morphology

Update Date:2017-11-07

ACS Selective Deposition of Multiple Sensing Materials on Si Nanobelt Devices through Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition and Device-Localized Joule Heating

Update Date:2017-12-19

Hollow TiO2@Co9S8 Core–Branch Arrays as Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Efficient Oxygen)_Hydrogen Production