Cluster tool

The Multi-Chamber cluster coating system is a cluster of vacuum chamber systems interconnected through the transfer chamber which placed in center of cluster system. All processes from transition of the substrate, deposition, evaporation is carried out continuously without breaking vacuum. Substrates and masks are distributed by load-lock or glove box which connected to the transfer chamber. All of this process minimizes the impact of the external environment to prevent oxidation on the substrate surface during the multi-layer deposition process and provides the maximum efficiency for the device fabrication. SYSKEY provides multi-chamber  cluster coating system based on customer requirements. Our system usually integrates sputter, etch, PECVD, evaporator, ALD, annealing, plasma cleaning and cooling down systems which can be applied in FPD, electronic industry, solar cell and semiconductor industry. 


Applications Chamber
  • Semiconductor.
  • Solar cell.
  • LED.
  • OLED.
  • OPV.
  • FPD.
  • Flexible chamber sizes depend on substrate size and applications.
  • An aluminum chamber with robot arm for transferring substrate between chambers.


  • Sputter.
  • PECVD.
  • Dry Etching.
  • Plasma Cleaning.
  • Annealing.
  • E-beam evaporator.
  • Thermal Evaporator  .

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